Reintroduce Yourself to the Power of the GS FLX+ System

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Get more complete coverage of target regions

Perform highly accurate sequencing of long amplicons up to 800 bp on the GS FLX+ System with a simple software upgrade (Version 2.9).

  • More precise taxonomic classification of organisms in 16S and 18S rRNA samples by covering more variable regions in a single long read
  • More comprehensive detection of genetic variations in multiplex gene panels by spanning more introns and exons in a single long amplicon
  • Improved haplotyping phasing of more distantly linked variants (e.g. HLA)
  • Enhanced variant linkage in viral drug resistance studies by covering more contiguous regions of viral genomes (e.g. HIV)

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Example 950 bp 16S rRNA amplicon sequenced on the GS FLX+ System. The 16S rRNA genes of a mixed environmental sample were amplifed using primers spanning approximately 950 bp. The sample was sequenced using the GS FLX Titanium XL+ Sequencing Kit and processed using using v2.9 software with Flow Pattern B.

For life science research
  only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.

What’s New with GS FLX+ Software v2.9?

  • Perform highly accurate sequencing of long amplicons up to 800 bp on the GS FLX+ System with a simple software upgrade (Version 2.9).
  • Extend the range of amplicon lengths available for your targeted sequencing projects while maintaining >99% accuracy over the length of the read.
  • Sequence even longer amplicons up to 1,100 bp with custom modified pipeline settings.
  • Three available amplicon processing pipelines offer varying filtering strategies and read trimming settings for customization of sequencing results to fit project needs

GS FLX+System
Sequencing Kit XL+ XLR70
Read Length Up to 1,000 bp Up to 600 bp
Mode Read Length 700 bp 450 bp
Throughput 700 Mb 450 Mb
Reads per Run ~1,000,000
Concensus Accuracy 100.00% 100.00%
Run Time 23 hours 10 hours

Performance of the GS FLX+ System with Sequencing Kit XL+ and Sequencint Kit XLR70. Actual results depend on specific sample and genomic characteristics. *Consensus accuracy at 15x coverage E. coli.

Targeted region sequencing using GS FLX+ long amplicons. Primers A and B are incorporated at the 5' end a template-specific sequence, followed by locus-specific amplification resulting in amplicons that are ready for emPCR and sequencing. With the GS FLX+ System, hundreds of thousands of amplicons can be sequenced independently. Directionality is maintained throughout sequencing and analysis.