GS Junior System

GS Junior System

Going to great lengths + workflow automation = powerful benchtop sequencing

  • Read length extension beyond 400 bp will deliver more Sanger-like reads
  • Automation solutions will reduce hands-on time and drive lab efficiency
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GS FLX+ System

GS FLX+ System

Dependability and long amplicon sequencing

  • Software upgrade, hardware adjustments, and self-test capabilities will drive improved GS FLX+ System robustness
  • Extra-long read amplicon sequencing with the GS FLX+ Instrument and XL+ Sequencing Kits will be introduced
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Ready-to-Run Sequence-Based Assays

Amplicon Assays

Expanding the application menu

  • New sequence-based assays for infectious disease (HIV, HBV, HCV drug resistance). *Available only in select countries.

Already available:

  • GS GType TET2/CBL/KRAS & RUNX1 Primer Sets for leukemia research
  • GS GType HLA MR & HR Primer Sets for human leukocyte antigen typing research
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NimbleGen SeqCap EZ Library

NimbleGen SeqCap
EZ Library

Effective target enrichment for customized content

  • Apply our proven capture technology to your custom research using SeqCap EZ Choice and new SeqCap EZ Developer Libraries
  • Discover more and sequence less for your specific application areas
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