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454 Life Sciences works with a variety of technology and service providers to offer the most comprehensive solutions to our sequencing customers.


Roche NimbleGen Sequence Capture technologies enable targeted enrichment of custom regions up to 50 Mb, or the whole human exome. Optimized protocols use a 454 Sequencing-specific library preparation step so that captured products proceed into emPCR amplification and sequencing with the GS FLX or GS Junior Systems.

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Fluidigm's Access Array System enables automated processing of 48 unique samples against 48 unique amplicons, resulting in PCR products which are ready for emPCR amplification and sequencing using the GS Junior or GS FLX Systems.

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JSI Medical Systems

JSI Medical Systems is a leading provider of software solutions for the analysis of DNA sequencing data including targeted resequencing and HLA typing applications

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RainDance Technologies

RainDance's microdroplet-based RainStorm technology enables high-throughput preparation of up to 2 million PCR reactions, interrogating up to 20,000 amplicons per sample.

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NuGEN's Ovation® RNA-Seq System, when paired with the GS FLX and GS Junior Systems, enable whole transcriptome profiling with low abundance RNA samples (as low as 500 pg).

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SoftGenetics is a leading provider of effective, biologist friendly, easy-to-use genetic analysis software tools.

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Integrated DNA Technologies

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) offers custom oligonucleotides for use with the GS FLX and GS Junior System. Design and order GS FLX Titanium Fusion Primers and an extended set of Rapid Library MID Adaptors.

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