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Walk-Away emPCR Enrichment and Bead Hybridization

The REM e System is a liquid handler accessory designed to fully automate the emPCR enrichment and sequence primer annealing steps in the 454 Sequencing workflow. The module can be readily integrated into most commonly available liquid handling platforms, providing a cost-effective solution to increase sequencing productivity and consistency for the GS FLX and GS Junior Systems.

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  • Save time: Eliminate manual processing, including multiple wash cycles of hand pipetting, centrifugation, bead capture, and vortexing. Reduce up to 5 hours of hands-on work into a simple 15 minute liquid handler setup.
  • Improve Consistency: Enhance PCR enrichment accuracy and precision by minimizing user error, reducing variability and eliminating potential sources of failure such as mispipetting.
  • Versatile: Supports all GS FLX and GS Junior Titanium series emulsion oil formats - Large, Medium and Small Volume (LV, MV, SV). Works for a wide variety of libraries including shotgun, Paired End, cDNA and amplicon libraries, with or without Multiplex Identifiers (MIDs). The system can support up to four sequencing runs per day.

The REM e System can be installed onto commonly used liquid handlers, such as the Hamilton STARlet shown above.

The REM e System is designed for use on many common liquid handling workstations including the:

  • Hamilton STARlet
  • Hamilton Star
  • Tecan Freedom EVO
  • Tecan Genesis RSP 100
  • Biomek FX

Figure 3: Hands-on time comparison of manual vs. automated emPCR enrichment for each of the three emulsion oil formats, LV, MV and SV. Typical REM e System run time consists of approximately 15 minutes instrument setup and 3-4 hours of liquid handling automation. First time processing follows the procedures described in the GS FLX Titanium User Manuals.

Figure 4: Sequencing read length distribution of a microbial shotgun library enriched using either the REM e System or manual processes. Results from both methods demonstrate consistent, high quality sequencing with a modal read lenth of 500 bp. In this example, the REM e System was installed onto a Beckman Biomek FX. Data courtesy of the J. Craig Venter Institute.

Product Name Pack Size Catalog Number Type
REM e System 1 system 05976120001 Instrument
REM e System (Additional unit) 1 system 05976138001 Instrument