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High-resolution genomic variation detection for leukemia research

Obtain a comprehensive picture of genetic variation for four key human genes using the GS RUNX1 Primer Set. Accurately identify variants associated with developmental defects, disease progression, and residual disease in a variety of leukemias and myeloid malignancies using next-generation deep sequencing of PCR amplicons. This complete solution includes primer sets, protocols, and dedicated analysis software, such as the 454 GS Amplicon Variant Analyzer software or JSI Medical Systemsí SeqNext Software.

  • Ready-to-run assay optimized for use with GS Junior and GS FLX Systems
  • Accurately discover and characterize known and unknown variants in the human RUNX1 gene, including SNPs, insertions and deletions
  • Detect variants at high sensitivity
  • Perform haplotyping with long, high quality sequencing reads
  • Use dedicated analysis software and tools to easily proceed from nucleotide variations to biologically-relevant protein alterations
  • Co-developed with and extensively tested at the MLL Munich Leukemia Laboratory, Munich, Germany (

High Sensitivity Variant Detection for KRAS, TET2 and RUNX1 Genes

Figure: Distribution of variant frequency results from 10 PBMC-extracted genomic DNA samples with 14 known leukemia variants in the KRAS, RUNX1 and TET2 genes. Samples were independently prepared and sequenced in multiple tests (n=18 to 36) to demonstrate reproducibility. All variants were tested using Sanger sequencing to confirm variant content. 454 Sequencing Systems detected the nine variants also detected by Sanger sequencing, as well as five additional variants below the Sanger sequencing limit of detection.

Product Name Pack Size Catalog Number Type
GS GType RUNX1 Primer Set 1 kit (4 PCR plates with dried-down primers) 06500358001 Kit